Thursday, May 13, 2010

New items for sale

Hello, I wanted to share a few items with you. My wonderful husband is at an auction tonight so I can't wait to see what wonderful treasures he brings home to share with you. (That's if I can let them go, lol.) I never seem to have enough hours or energy to finish everything I want. I have about 15 projects started, so I will try to get these posted here and on our online store as soon as they are done! We have this wonderful trench bowl. It is 13 inches wide, 28 1/2 inches long and 5 1/2 inches deep. This primitive trench bowl would look great anywhere in your home. I have it stuffed with small vintage quilt pillows. They are blanket stitched to a piece on osnanburg fabric. The pillows are selling for $3.00 each and the primitive trench bowl is selling for $30.00.

Next we have an old metal cooking pot with handle. It measures 12 inches in diameter. We are selling this for $15.00. I found this wonderful little bench that looks handmade. I made a seat cover out of an old feed sack and blanket stitched some of the words from the feed sack onto the cushion. I plan on displaying some of my little grain dolls on it. The bench sells for $14.00.

Some other items are are small primitive bee keeps, they sell for $6.00 each. We have numerous jugs and crocks for sale. This one is a favorite of mine and is selling for $30.00. (It has no cracks or chips.)Sitting in front of the crock is a cross stitched pin keep called "Turkey Hill School", and sells for $6.00. We also have zinc lids that we have made into primitive lighting. They have a rusty wire handle, flax and a blackened beeswax battery operated tea light sitting inside. There is also a piece of homespun tied to the handle. These sell for $5.00. Next is our primitive school slate, coffee stained book all tied together with grungy twine, a piece of stained cheescloth and a little piece of sweet annie. These come in different sizes and colors and sell for $8.00.

We also have a crate from "The Pop Shop". The crate sells for $15.00 and is 17 inches tall, 12 inches wide and 5 1/2 inches deep. We also haave another piece of primitive lighting. This has a metal reflector and a grungy battery operated light. These sell for $12.00.
I hope you had a nice visit and that you come back soon. Thanks so much, Lynda

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