Monday, April 16, 2012

How Time Flys!

I took a look at my blog this morning and it has been awhile since I have posted. Thank you to everyone who made our Spring Open House a huge success!
We are now getting ready for Our 2nd Annual Gathering On The Lawn, this July.
My husband and I have found some wonderful new pieces for the shop and for the garden. We are working on the shop this week, so I thought I would show you some pictures of some favorite things around the homestead.
As you will see, I love lots of things.

Primitivee Stiching

Primitive Fall Handmades




All items that we carry in our shop are handmade by us and our friends!



Granite Ware


Old Papers, Glasses & Ink Wells

Old Locks & Keys

I love using flax as bowl filler and doll hair.

Old Boxes

Primitive Sink


Keeper of Wool

Whisk Brooms, vintage clothing, old socks, quilts

Old cupboards, old baskets, books & coverlets

Pin Keeps

String & White Buttons

As you can see I love lots of things, thses are only a few of my favorite things.
I will get to posting some of our handmade items soon. Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you at the shop soon.