Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Items for Sale

Almost all items listed on our blog are for sale.
Here is make-do sock dryer with socks, and a bar of lye soap.
It sells for $15.00 plus travel fare.  This is made from the side of an old potato crate.
It has a small soap holder and hangs from rusty wire.
This is a great vintage treenware bowl.  It sell for $85.00 plus travel fare.
If you are interested in any of the items listed here or listed at
just email us us for product availability.

We carry many vintage pieces of enamelware.  Prices do vary depending on item, color/pattern and condition.
Dennis is making these great primitive sink make-do's.  Each one is unique.  the are made from old boxes or trunks.  They have a water vessel (this one has an old bucket), soap holder, mirror and candlelight.  Some have leather straps, some have drawers, some have handmade sock dryers and socks.
Each one is unique but prices usually start st $89.00.
We try to carry a supply of vintage wood and metal sifters.  These are great primitive pieces.  This one sell for $29.00 plus travel fare.
This is a vintage boot jack made into a make-do spoon holder.  Complete with wooden spoon and an 1806 hand towel.  It hangs from a hole in the top of the boot jack 
This sells for $12.00 plus travel fare.
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