Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Open House

Well, its here! I apologize for not being able to post sooner. I had to work at our Subway stores most of the week. I am sure everyone knows how much free time there is when you are working full time. I am just going to post some pictures of what we have to offer. All items go on sale tomorrow at the start of our Open House. If you see something you like, just call or email me for availability and pricing with travelling fare. We would also be happy to hold an item for you.

This is a great old strawberry tote with baskets. I added some brome grass and made some strawberries out of wool.

This is an old feed sack chair cushion on a great little prim chair.

This is a box of your primitive needfuls. We have our raw flax, some homemade lye soap, old ticking, a pincushion made from an old feed sack, buttons, pins and a little sweet annie. The picture on top of the box could be of the person that had a little box like this of her very own.
We have a great selection of pin keeps. Some are made out of boxes that have been stained and inked for the great prim look. The boxes are then filled with raw flax. They have a great little strawberry on top of the pincushion that was all made out of an old feed sack.

We have handmade dogs, cats, goats, sheep and best of all our dolls.

We have vintage scoops with bird nests and electric lights. We also have old spice tins, vintage looking stitcherys', eggs in canning jars, greens in old pots with bird nests and more little stitched pin keeps.

We also have crocks, labeled jars, canning crocks, quilt pieces, books, signs, furniture, cubbies, jugs, duck and chicken crates.

We have a keeper of the garden door and keeper of the garden chairs. We have lots of garden items, prim planters, enamelware,decorated washboards, pillows, kitchen primitives and these are only a few of the items. Remember, all the handmade items are made by us, nothing is purchased.

We have many items that did not get completed so don't be disappointed if you can't make it this weekend. We will keep adding new items. As always, thanks for taking the time to stop by, Lynda

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