Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hello to my friends.

I have had a few of you call to see what items we have left from our Open House and a few of you wanted some prices.
This is a great coverlet piece. It has the really dark blue that a few of you have inquired about. It is a pretty good size piece and the price is $75.00.

This is a great primitive blue bird and these sell for $9.00 each.

I only have two of my hand stitched purse tucks left. One has a beautiful primitive blue and is $12.00, this one also has a lot of stitching on the bottom. The "Liberty" one is $10.00.

We have this great primitive bucket that sells for $20.00 and a great old wooden bowl at $27.00. The Americana fabric you see by the bucket is actually from the early 1900's. I am selling it for $15.00 a yard. Quantities are limited on this. It would be great to use as a draping for the upcoming summer holidays.

This great primitive bunny in a bag with brome grass sells for $5.00 but quantities are limited.

We have some unique pin keeps such as the one in the little silver cup. It sells for $6.00 or the "Primitive Needfuls" These sell for $12.00 and there are only two available. Each one comes in a distressed box along with a small pin keep, raw flax, some old ticking, a piece of handmade lye soap wrapped in cheesecloth and a few other stitched pieces.

We have one "Tulip Time" pin keep left and one sampler. The pin keep sells for $6.00 and the framed hand-stitched "Spring" sampler sells for $5.00

Thanks you so much for your inquiries. Blessings, Lynda

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