Monday, December 20, 2010

Its almost Christmas.....

I wanted to share a few vintage postcards with everyone!. I love to collect old postcards. This one was mailed in 1912. I really like the sentiment on it. I added the little sentiment at the bottom.

Here are few more that I thought you might like. Feel free to use them if you wish.
The postcard with the evergreen was mailed in 1910 and cost 1 cent to mail.

This next postcard was mailed in 1909.

The last postcard here was mailed in 1912 and still only cost one cent to mail.

I will be busy baking the rest of the week but will try to post some more pictures. I do want to thank all of our friends, followers and customers for a great 2010. I am still busy hand crafting one of a kind items for your home and look forward to seeing everyone after the first of the year. God Bless to all!

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