Friday, January 22, 2010

New Primitive Word Hearts

Good morning. Do you ever have that kind of day when your creative energy seems to be on overload. I think that is what is happening to me today. I finished up this bowl of Primitive Word Heart Ornies. Perfect to tuck in your prim cupboard, a bowl or a surprise for a friend. Something else that really has me excited is I found a way to "print my own material". I tried using the sheets from Jo-Ann fabrics at $3 each, but they left a plastic like feeling to the project. After a learning curve and some frustation, I found a way to use any media (collage, vintage postcards, maps,vintage material really any kind of empherma will work) and print what I want onto muslin, I am currently working on some spring totes. The first color palette I am working with are these gorgeous greens. I hope that the camera could really do justice to the fabric. The panel that I printed to go on the front of the tote is a really neat. I will try to list it later today when finished or tomorrow. I hope everyone has a creative day. And please tell a friend about our blog.

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